Sarah Tanner Simpson
Product Designer at Facebook
My approach to design goes beyond visual aesthetics—it’s holistic, user-centered and collaborative. I’m a creative thinker, passionate about creating simple solutions to complex ideas. My biggest strength is the ability to see a strategic vision, while simultaneously creating pixel perfect designs.


Notifications that matter

Simtek duo is a wireless security device used to monitor your valuables in any space.

A simple app for a sophisticated device. Quick and easy setup and straightforward notifications, allowing you to rest at ease and know when your monitored spaces have been accessed.

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Redbooth for Apple TV

A Better Meeting Experience

Redbooth is a task management platform. The foundation of the product is to help teams collaborate and get work done.

Redbooth for Apple TV challenges the existing meeting experience of shared screens and illegible spreadsheets. It helps teams conduct more efficient meetings and reimagines team collaboration.

The first business app for Apple TV— featured August 2016

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Samples of my work

Redbooth for iOS

Your tasks wherever you go

Building the new Redbooth app from the ground up allowed us to design an experience that focused on the mobile use cases of task management.

Meet Redbooth Tasks — a quick way to identify your work, post updates and get caught up on the things you need to do.

Coming soon, currently in beta.

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Samples of my work

Assign tasks in Redbooth

Embracing workflows

In Redbooth, teams can mirror their workflows by assigning a task to one or many people. The interactions and UI elements provide an elegant and flexible framework for anyone.

In real life, people collaborate in different ways. So, we thought our product should let you do that too.

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Samples of my work

Timeline for Redbooth

The Game Changing
Gantt Chart

Gantt charts are a quintessential project management tool. For many, they’re intimidating and complicated.

Timeline for Redbooth makes project planning easy for anyone. With simple interactions and clear visual cues you can quickly plan a project timeline and see progress at a glance.

"I’ve been a Redbooth fan for a long time and I remember the old gantt chart. This new one is a game changer.”

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